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What cover do we provide

What levels of cover do you provide?

Can I get cover for activities like water sports, skiing, horse riding, etc?

What if I am travelling to more than one country?

Is there an age limit for Single Trip Travel Insurance policies?

Is there an age limit for annual multi-trip travel insurance policies?

Are there certain things we don't cover?

I live outside of the UK, can I get cover?

Can I cover a child to travel on their own policy?

Myself and my partner live at separate addresses. Can we still buy family cover?

Am I limited to where I can travel?

Need to get a quote?

When should I start my travel insurance?

What information do I need to get a quote?

What do receive if I take out a policy?

What If I want to cancel?

Questions about medical conditions and policy excesses?

Am I covered If I have pre-existing medical conditions?

Will I need a doctors certificate to get travel insurance cover for my pre-existing medical condition?

I don't know the name of my medical condition; can I still get a quote?

What is an excess and where I can I find out my excess fee?